Who will Pray for Obama?

“You’re the God of this city
You’re the King of these people
You’re the Lord of this nation
You Are.”

– Chris Tomlin

“Will Evangelicals rally behind and pray for Obama as they did around Bush?”

– Petie Kinder (a pastor at my church)


I had a good time last night with my friends from church watching the results come in about who will be the next President of our great country. It was so cool to see my living room split down the middle in their support. We had two Obama supporters, two McCain supporters, and five people who didn’t care much either way, and if forced they would split down the middle in their support as well. It was an interesting night.

I like President-elect Barrack Obama. I think that he will be a good leader and a great example. I do not think he is above reproach, I believe as a passionate Christ follower that we need to embrace with open arms the man that God has placed in charge of our nation.

On a whole, Evangelicals are known for holding grudges politically and that’s wrong, its not what Jesus taught us to do. I would love to see the kind of passionate fever for soon to be President Obama that many Evangelical communities have displayed in the past when offering up prayers for President Bush. I don’t think it will happen. But I have faith in the Lord of this nation. God always has a select few that adhere to His words very seriously and follow Him intimately.

We must remember that God is in control and nothing happens that surprises Him. He will work this for good and glory will be brought to His name with President Bush in office or President Obama.

“America is like an Eagle, it needs a Right wing and a Left wing to fly”

– Unknown

Please friends and family don’t get caught up in this left wing and right wing diatribe. Put your trust in Him who is incorruptible, He knows what He is doing; every good and perfect thing comes from Him. So walk with your heads held high and proud to be in a nation that has elected its first African-American President. Please pray for soon to be President Obama with passion, sincerity, and out of familial obligation because he calls himself one of us, an imperfect follower of Jesus Christ, I will take him at his word. I would offer up a prayer now for our new President but I have come across a prayer that has captured in words how I feel.

“Heavenly Father, please protect our new president and his family. Give him compassion for the unborn and voiceless of this world. Give him strength to protect the innocent. Close his ears to evil. Give him discernment to be a good steward of the trust and treasury of our great land. Give him grace and your blessings. Let no evil or harm befall him. Keep him humble and dependent upon You. My you be glorified through our new president. Amen.”

“P.S. I voted for McCain. (this part is true for me too) ” – Joe Chambers


4 Responses to Who will Pray for Obama?

  1. Joe Chambers says:

    Good word son. Next time you lift a prayer quote from my blog without permission you will be hearing from my Christian attorney.

    In Christian love,


  2. Petie says:

    Likewise, the next time you quote my political observations without my permission you will be hearing from my political attorney, my publicist, as well as my Christian attorney. Don’t think I won’t sue you. I can, and will. I think I may be able to get that cute son of yours out of the whole deal too.

    haha, good post my friend.

  3. flawedservant says:

    I know guys I am awful. I just can’t help it, your words just inspire me that much! Thanks for the kind words, both of you have pushed me in places I never thought I would go politically and spiritually. I have learned so much from you and hope to continue to do so. Stay sharp in your insights, never waver in the expression of your opinion, because you will always have an individual who will listen in me.

  4. O's Nana says:

    I would like to see you get that cute little boy. You will have to go through 2 sets of very fierce grandparents! Can’t sue my son-in-law either, it’s against scripture.
    Cole, your words bless me and I appreciate your insights. I would like to think that we as believers will be on our knees more than ever praying for our president and the decisions that come his way. I think many got discouraged and quit praying for Bush. We need to band together even more lifting up Obama to the Lord.

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