About Cole Chambers

As the name suggests i am a flawed servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Flawed doesn’t even come close to describing my standing before His perfect Holiness. I am a struggling sinner who is redeemed through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and it is in Him alone do I put my trust and have no condemnation.

I love my family deeply and they share with me in my passions for God above all. I also enjoy books, books, and more books I don’t “read” in the traditional term, I listen to books on my Ipod about 3 to 4 books a week and it rocks!

I also love to follow politics but this is not the place to share my political convictions unless it comes up in a comment or by myself in a blog post.

I have an amazing fourteen month old son named Oren who is the apple of my eye. He is named after his great, great, grandfather by his first name and cousin by his middle name Garet. My wife, his mom is second in my life only to Jesus, she captivates my passions and desires with her beauty and intellect. She is also an awesome wrtier, check out her blog at www.onthepathsoflife.wordpress.com

I belong to an infectious community of grace and love called Resonate Church in Bonney Lake, WA. There I belong to a Life Group that moves me to become a more loyal follower of Jesus.

I am a student at Faith Evangelical Seminary where I am earning my BAR (Bachlor of Arts in Religon).

That is all I’ve got, so thank you for reading.


One Response to About Cole Chambers

  1. Grandpa says:

    I have a large library and many of the books you could have if you want them, most are old some are new. You can take them home with you when you come to visit next time.


    PS keep writing, you are very good, I like

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