Annie Dillard: “The skin on the back of his neck was creased so much, he looked like a survivor of numerous be-headings”

Annie Dillard: “When will wisdom come?” spoken by a 70 something individual in the last year of her life.

Damien Rice: “Why sing Hallelujah if it means nothin to ya?”

The Eagles: “Don’t you draw the Queen of Diamond boy shell beat you if shes able, you know the Queen of Hearts is always your best bet.”

“Lord you are our Way, Truth, and Light in this world of short cuts, deception, and darkness.”                        – Shane Claiborne 

“Im stuck between unbelieving activists and inactive believers” Shane Claiborne

“Love teach us the Way to overcome hate and weapons of war” – Tyrone Wells

“People get ready watch your loaded gun. Silent indifference, hunger for vengeance, and words from a wicked tongue. People get ready only you and choose what you will do when it comes down to you no one else can walk in your shoes.” -Tyrone Wells

“Its time to love one another, we are sisters and brothers what are we fighting for?” -Tyrone Wells

“Laughter is carbonated holiness.” -Anne Lamott

“When you’re conscious and writing from a place of insight and simplicity and real caring about the truth, you have the ability to throw the lights on for your reader.” -Anne Lamott

“You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” -Anne Lamott

“America is like an Eagle, it takes a Left wing and a Right wing to fly” – Unknown

“How can you tell when a politician is lying? When his lips are moving” – Unknown


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